October 30, 2020

The Best Baby Safety Tips

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Baby Safety Tips & Information

Lets be honest, there will always be that worry at the back of our minds as to whether the buggy, stroller or car seat is safe enough for our children. Not to mention all the other general worries that come with being a parent. Its always good to read up on your baby care information.

Well Best Buggies has listed some of the best baby safety tips and pointers below that will help you rest easy when taking your bundle of joy out and about in your stroller or vehicle


Top Safety Tips for Prams / Pushchairs / Strollers & Car seats

  1. ALWAYS Use the Harness. It seems as though it goes without saying to secure your baby to the pram using the harness.
  2. Follow the Instructions when assembling the stroller/car seat
  3. Don’t Overload your stroller/car seat
  4. Keep your stroller/car seat clean
  5. Keep Your Infant’s Back Flat.
  6. Use the Brake when stationary
  7. Store your baby safety items properly.
  8. Keep your baby safety items Out of the Sun.
  9. Carefully read safety seat instructions to ensure that the seat has been properly installed.
  10. NEVER carry your child in your lap while you ride in a car.
  11. For the first two years of a baby’s life, carseats should face the rear of the vehicle. The safest location for the car seat is the middle of the back seat.
  12. NEVER put the baby in the front passenger seat of cars, especially those with airbags. If you have a vehicle with no back seat, you should disengage the airbag while the baby’s seat is in the car

Why is the Above Important?

The above points are extrmely important because ignoring these simple steps can ultimately result in serious injury or worse case scenario death to your child. Between the years of 2004 and 2014 348 deaths occurred in sitting devices that were not installed correctly, the researchers found. Car seats were the site of 62.9% of these deaths.

Do I Have To Buy A New Stroller?

In short, it depends what your reason for thinking you need to buy a new stroller is. For example if you have another baby on the way and have a baby or toddler in the family already, then the answer is probably yes, Why? I hear you ask. Well its highly likely you have a single carriage pram/stroller. So therefore you will need to buy a combi stroller or a double stroller. Various brands manufacturer this type of stroller/pram. For example iCandy, Silver cross, Bugaboo And many more manufacturers offer this kind of stroller.Twins

However, if your stroller or car seat is looking rather tired or worn, that still doesnt mean it neccessarily has to be replaced.


Hygiene & Repairs

Baby car seats, strollers and accessories can also be cleaned and repaired. It is a common minsconeption that once a pram, stroller, pushchair or car seat becomes dirty or well used that it has to be thrown away and a new item has to be brought. This is not always the case There are many great stroller repair and cleaning companies out there that can have your transportation system cleaned or even fixed the same day. Therefore saving you money!

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