November 15, 2020

iCandy Peach, Adaptable For All

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The iCandy Peach stroller is an extremely versatile stroller that can accommodate most parents no matter what their set up is in regards to children.


iCandy Peach – With Over 60 modifications!

Now with over 60 modifications the New iCandy Peach stroller offers superb style, functionality and versatility. Suitable for two children the same or of different ages, the seat unit is now larger than previous generations, holding up to 25kg. The new iCandy Peach Carrycot has been constructed to appear clean and minimalistic while offering a warm and snug space for your little one to enjoy nap time.

As your bundle of joy out grows the carry cot the fabrics can be removed from the carrycot frame using an clever “zip in, zip out” design, transforming the carrycot into the seat unit for your toddler.

Such a great stroller, I brought one!!!

Yep, that’s right I own an iCandy Peach stroller myself! We have a 28 month old child and another on the way, therefore the iCandy Peach stroller was exactly what we needed to accommodate our new addition as well as our other little terror!

iCandy-peach- stroller-frameAs you can see here this is the iCandy Peach stroller frame. This can be easily folded down by simply pressing in the ‘lever’ on the top underside of the handle bar.

As you can see at the rear of the frame are 2 large wheel to help maintain control of the stroller whilst still giving full maneuverability.

The front 2 wheels provide that bit more freedom when pushing to therefore help accommodate all types of terrain.


Here comes the cool bit…

Looks like a pretty normal stroller right? Wrong. Although it has the simplicity of a normal stroller it can adapt in many ways. As you can see below, the thing that attracted us is the fact we can accomodate both our children is the fact we can add a baby carriage as well as keeping the iCandy seat.

As you can see below, you do not have to buy an iCandy baby carriage, we have used a Maxi Cosi option that we had when our daughter was born. You can do this buy purchasing the iCandy peach adapters. This then allows you to simply click the baby carriage seat off and secure it in the back of your car.



icandy-stroller-maxi You can also remove the baby seat and click the baby carriage seat in its place if your stroll only involves the one child.

Most double / twin option strollers are bulky. Is this?

To be honest, no. It all depends on your storage space or size of car. I medium sized car and a relatively small under the stairs cupboard and, when collapsed, it fits with ease.




Ensuring smooth and bump free strolls the Peach includes  puncture proof tyres. The large canopy now features a visor and extendable panel. The mesh ventilation windows offers improved air circulation and temperature control.

The extendable hood also offers extra shade for your little one, thanks to the use of smartly placed magnets; which control how much of the canopy is exposed to the elements. This “smart vent” function helps ensure that the temperature for baby is always at the optimum level.

The seat unit provides ample space for your little one to grow. The adjustable calf support ensures your bundle of joy is comfortable at all times while two handy storage pockets on the back of the seat unit keeps essentials close to hand. The four position recline can be adjusted using just one hand, whilst the brake is now purposefully located off centre, making it easier to access when using the pushchair in double mode.

  • Suitable from birth (With carrycot)
  • Seat unit holds up to 25kg
  • Seat unit converts to carrycot
  • Four position recline
  • Storage on back of the seat unit
  • PU puncture proof tyres
  • Large extendable canopy
  • One hand recline
  • Quick release rear wheels
  • One touch harness buckle
  • Can convert from single to double
  • Travel system ready
  • All round suspension
  • Swivel bumper bar
  • Auto-fold Lock


  • (Chassis without wheels): 55cm(L) x 52cm(W) x 99cm(H)

Where Can I Buy One?


iCandy Peach Jogger BlackBerry with Carrycot

If I can help any further please leave me a comment below and I will be happy to help.

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  1. Hi Russ, Great post I’m not in the market for a pushchair myself, as fortunately am a free single bachelor with no children but I must say I am impressed with the detail of information here you make some very good points and I wont be surprised if Amazon ends up with a few customers because of your post. Best of luck;


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