August 30, 2020

Graco Junior Maxi Lightweight Highback Booster Car Seat – Review

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You may have already seen my Graco car seat post where I mention the Graco Junior Maxi Lightweight Highback booster car seat. If you have then you will see that I have one.


Why the Graco Junior Maxi Lightweight Car seat?

I know what you’re thinking, “what’s someone who has vast knowledge in car seats doing with one of the cheapest models on the market?”

Well, you have already answered your question. Simply, the answer is “because its one of the cheapest but reliable car seats on the market”. Why would you pay hundreds, sometimes thousands on a car seat when you can pay very little and get the same result?

My Biggest Pet Hate

One thing I cannot stand when it comes to strollers, car seats or even adding additional accessories is when they are overly complicated to set up or install etc. Sometimes you can spend so much money yet cause yourself more stress than is needed.

The Graco Junior Maxi Lightweight Car Seat is the opposite. Simple. Purely simple.


As you can see from this image, it has a high back to help support your toddler (or older) back and head.

How Do You Secure The Seat?

As you can see from this picture, the back of the seat has a clear and easy to understand drawing on the back that indicates how to secure the seat.







  1. Feed the seat belt through the right or left-hand side upper feed hole.
  2. Do not allow the seat belt to pass over the childs face or neck (you can purchaser booster cushions to help raise your child)
  3. Feed the buckle end of the seat belt under the left-hand side arm rest and plug it into the seat belt socket.
  4. Ensure the seat belt is tight enough to secure the seat and child without restricting sir supply.

Is This Seat Worth The Money & Where Can I Get One?

Do I recommend this seat?: Yes

My Rating: 4.5 Stars

Why 4.5 and not 5? – Quite simply, there are slightly more secure car seats out there however you tend to pay a lot more money for them. Apart from that one small point it would be 5 stars.

Where Can I BUY This?

Amazon for the GREAT PRICE of ONLY £29.99

If you have any queries or comments in regard to the Graco Junior Maxi Lightweight Highback booster car seat please do leave a comment below and I will be happy to help.

2 thoughts on “Graco Junior Maxi Lightweight Highback Booster Car Seat – Review

  1. Hi Russ,

    This carseat is very much like the one my older grandson has.

    Sometimes simplicity is most desirable. Like you said, it’s easier to install which is important when we want to move his seat into our car.

    The baby’s carseat is so complicated that we have to have our son-in-law move it over for us. And I’m not convinced it’s any safer that the other.

    Thanks for a great review for your readers,

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