November 8, 2020

Be Just Like Mummy With The Silver Cross Doll’s Pram

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Be Just Like Mummy With The Silver Cross Doll’s Pram

Let’s be honest there’s nothing cuter than seeing your child play. Whether it be your little boy with his action figures or dinosaurs etc, or your daughter with their dollies and toy push chairs.

Like Mummy Like Daughter

Your little girl can be just like you with the Silver Cross 140TH ANNIVERSARY BABY BALMORAL DOLL’S PRAM.

Silver Cross-Luxury-140th-Anniversary-Balmoral-Dolls-Pram-Including-Matching-bag

Specially designed to commemorate Silver Cross’ 140th anniversary year, only 140 Baby Balmoral Doll’s Prams will be made, each one featuring an individually numbered plaque. The Baby Balmoral doll’s pram is an exact replica of the Silver Cross 140th Anniversary Balmoral.

The hood and apron are crafted in beautiful herringbone tweed designed in collaboration with Abraham Moon, a long-standing English manufacturer of luxury wool fabrics.

This exclusive doll’s pram also features a hand-stitched leather handle and beautiful minimal chrome features, including unique 140-Year Yorkshire Rose details. In addition, the Baby Balmoral features the famous Silver Cross hand-sprung chassis and cushioned leather suspension straps, which are unique to Silver Cross doll’s pram collection.

Each pram is lovingly hand-made in Yorkshire, England, by their skilled craftsmen and women, providing the most luxurious doll’s carriage. Every detail is carefully crafted to give that special heritage hallmark of quality that will be treasured now and for generations to come.

Snow Princess Dolls Pram

New in 2019, the adorable handmade Snow Princess Doll’s Pram with matching doll’s changing bag adds a fresh take to a traditional design by featuring beautiful snowflake and icicle patterns, exclusive lilac colours, jacquard fabric textures and a removable white fur hood trim – a gift to treasure forever.

Delivering an extra shimmer of glamour, each Snow Princess pram chassis is layered with unique diamond burst sparkle-effect paint and is finished with a ceramic plaque on each side of the carriage illustrating a beautiful snow princess.

Silver-Cross-Genuine-Coachbuilt-Heritage-Traditional-Dolls-Pram - Snow-Princess

Chatsworth Rose Doll’s Pram

The handmade Chatsworth Rose Doll’s Pram is a beautiful gift for any child and comes with a delightful matching pink changing bag.

Chatsworth Rose is finished in a high gloss pink with beautiful hand-painted fine line detail, chrome spoked wheels and fully adjustable hood. It has a ceramic plaque on each side, featuring a rose illustration. Make your little girls dream come tree and make her a princess!


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4 thoughts on “Be Just Like Mummy With The Silver Cross Doll’s Pram

  1. Those are so cute! I’m sure any little girl would LOVE to have their own to match their mother’s! It really would make them feel like a princess, as it should. This is a fun way to let the little princesses use their imaginations and play. Thanks for sharing some great options!

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